BETM sign
Act I
  • The Stars Look Down - Company
  • Shine - Ballet Girls & Mrs. Wilkinson
  • Grandma's Song - Grandma
  • Solidarity - Ballet Girls, Billy, Mrs. Wilkinson, Miners & Police
  • Expressing Yourself - Billy, Michael, and Ensemble
  • The Letter - Mrs. Wilkinson, Mum and Billy
  • Born to Boogie - Mrs. Wilkinson, Billy, and Mr. Braithwaite
  • Angry Dance -Billy & Male Ensemble
Act II
  • Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher - Tony and Partiers.

USA-George,Billy/Michael/Tall Boy/Small Boy,Ballet Girls & Adult Cast

  • Deep into the Ground - Jackie
  • Swan Lake-Billy and Billy Older Self
  • He Could be a Star - Jackie and Tony
  • Electricity - Billy
  • Once We Were Kings - Company
  • The Letter (Reprise) - Mum and Billy
  • Finale - Company

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